A Racially Aggravated Public Order Offence

An Asian shopkeeper was verbally abused by the offender. This was a Police referral and the Restorative Justice conference was held at Ryde Police Station at the request of the victim and with the agreement of the offender. The conference went well, with both victim and offender being supported by their wives.

The offender explained how the investigation had impacted him and his family. He was married with a young baby and they feared he would go to prison. This caused him to become depressed and not sleep, which had an impact on his family. On hearing this, the wife of the victim became tearful.

The victim and victim’s wife gave good accounts of how they had been affected. The wife explained she had been visiting a sick relative abroad and received call from her husband who was considering giving up the shop business due to racial abuse. The wife was considering returning to the UK to support her husband but was torn as she was not ready to leave  her sick relative.

The offender was able to fully understand the impact of his actions. This was a very emotional conference for all 4 participants, with the offender showing remorse and apologising for his actions. The apology was warmly accepted. The feedback received from all parties stated they were extremely satisfied with the Restorative Justice process.

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A Racially Aggravated Public Order Offence

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What People Say About Restorative Justice

The facilitators have been wonderful. I feel stronger than I did. I would really recommend Restorative Justice.

Mrs Wilson

I actually appreciated how quick the process happened.

Mr Atkinson, victim.

It was an opportunity to help the offender reform.

Mr Bird, victim.